If an animal dies

If an animal dies, an autopsy should be performed do find out the cause of death. The best option is to send in the carcass to a laboratory or if a veterinarian can carry out an autopsy in the field.

In case this is not possible, you can do a telephone guided autopsy whilst consulting a veterinarian. You can send pictures to the veterinarian and together help reaching a suitable diagnosis. In the case of no conclusive findings you might not get a diagnosis, however, ruling out certain problems can be of great value.

When conducting an autopsy, remember to open up the full length of the oral cavity and carefully examine the teeth, mucous membranes and tongue. Please, find instructions on how to best perform an autopsy in the field in the PDF-document to the right on the page.

Remember to take CWD-samples!

SSR encourages all samebys to collect samples for CWD and send them to SVA for analysis. Sampling equipment has been sent out to all samebys. If the sameby has not received sampling equipment, contact SVA.

  • Here you can find the contact details for SVA and a link showing how to carry out the sampling.
  • Please find two instructional videos for two types of CDW samples below.

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